Building Your Mouseless Development Environment

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Building Your Mouseless Development Environment

Matthieu Cneude
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With this book, we'll go together on an adventure, from the emptiness of a hard disk to a complete Mouseless Development Environment.

We'll see in details how to install and configure Arch Linux, i3, Zsh, Neovim, and tmux.

I test the content of the book regularly to be sure it stays up to date.

What's Included In This Package?

  • The book in PDF and ePub.
  • Your email will be added to a special newsletter. I'll send you every update of the book for free. You can unsubscribe at any time.

The package is for individual use only. If you want to buy in bulk for your employees or your students, please contact me directly for a discount.

What Will This Book Bring You?

  • A scalable development environment where you mainly use your keyboard. It's more fun, and more efficient too!
  • Precise explanations how to configure everything, depending on your needs. You'll be in control, deciding what's more efficient for you.
  • Knowledge about Linux and the terminal. We'll also see how to use timeless, customizable, and powerful tools.
  • How to build a personalized installer with bash scripts, to summon all your tools and their configurations easily on any computer.

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About the Author

Hi! I'm Matthieu Cneude. I've been programming for 20 years as a hobby, 10+ years professionally. I've spent hundreds of hours customizing my development environment to be more efficient, to move my hands as little as possible from my keyboard, and to automate all the boring tasks I have to do too often.

With this book, I want to pass on everything I know, for you to save your mental energy, to enjoy your daily work even more, and to increase your efficiency.


You can contact me directly at matthieu.cneude@yahoo.fr if you have any question, feedback, or problem concerning the book.

If you don't have enough money to buy the book, please send me an email with a summary of your situation.

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